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The District Government provides a wide array of city services for residents and our neighborhood.  Most services can be accessed through calling 311, the Citywide call center.  However, details on other services and programs can be found beo9 here.

The City Service Request Center (311)

Service is available online or by calling 311 (24-hrs a day/7 days a week).  Almost all requests for city services can be made through 311 including:

  • pothole repair

  • streetlight replacement

  • bulk trash collection

  • parking meter issues

See a full list at You’ll receive a tracking number in order to check the status of your request.

For Sanitation and Trash

  • Trash & Recycling Collection   — collection is Tuesdays

  • Solid Waste Education and Enforcement Program (SWEEP) — how to report sanitation violations

  • Rodent Control — DC Government's Rodent Control Strategy Diagram

For Your Block

  • Speed Humps — Request a traffic calming study in order to petition to get speed humps and other traffic calming infrastructure installed on your block

  • Block Party Permit — Complete this petition to close off a street for a block party

For Your Home

  • Permits for Home Improvement— learn when you need a permit from this helpful Permit Fact Sheet and then apply to  get your permit via the Online Permits for Home Improvement Projects.

  • Free Smoke Alarm — installed by the fire department!

  • Free Home Fire Safety Inspection — make sure your home is free of fire hazards

For Pets and Wildlife

  • Low-cost Spay/Neuter Surgeries & Vaccinations — keep your pets healthy

  • Free Resources for Alley Cats — managing cat colonies with Trap-Neuter-Return plus information on cat deterrents

  • Living with Urban Wildlife — how to resolve conflicts with your wild neighbors

For Greening & Gardening

  • Tree Box Garden Regulations — learn the restrictions for planting curbside gardens

  • Casey Trees Tree Rebate — get at $50–$100 rebate for planting a shade tree in your yard

  • RiverSmart Homes — incentives for homeowners interested in reducing stormwater runoff from their properties

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