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The District Government provides a wide array of city services for residents and our neighborhood.  Most services can be accessed through calling 311, the Citywide call center.  However, details on other services and programs such as free fire alarms and permitting for a block party can be found here.

Deanwood is within the District Ward Seven. The Ward is divided into Neighborhood Advisory Commissions, and Deanwood is in Advisory Neighborhood Commission 7C as well as small portion of 7D.

Education for advancement and uplift is a principle deeply rooted in the Deanwood Community.  We are proud of our schools and our students!  Within its boundaries, Deanwood has  1 elementary school and 2 public high schools, including the District's only all male prep school.  Several other schools serve Deanwood families depending on their location and zoning.

The District Government’s public safety core agencies are the Metropolitan Police Department and the Fire & EMS Department.  These entities provide the majority of the Public Safety assistance available in DC.

Deanwood and surrounding neighborhoods have a lot to offer in the way of greenspace and recreation.  Deanwood has  a recently built Recreation Center which includes an olympic length pool basketball courts, and a full length field.  Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens, the US National Arboretum, and the historic Langston Golf Course are all nearby.

Deanwood is serviced by a network of buses and a nearby metro (subway) station, Deanwood Metro Station, on the Orange Line.

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